HandyTalker™ Recess AAC Portable Device
HandyTalker™ Recess AAC Portable Device

HandyTalker® Recess AAC Portable Device, Waterproof picture communication board.

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HandyTalker® is the original portable, waterproof AAC communication board that allows you to easily communicate basic needs with your loved ones! These are fiber reinforced plastic, 3 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall attached to an included black lanyard. *You could add more than 1 board to a lanyard by adding a connector. Only one board will fit within this specific lanyard. These are rigid plastic and are waterproof! No need to worry about taking it to the beach, pool, in the rain, etc!

At the bottom is a line to add your information. A fine tip permanent marker works perfect to fill in your information!

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