IKEA Pax Sliding Door Makeover

I have been rearranging my office desperately trying to make room for my new laser cutter. I ran across these Ikea PAX wardrobe cabinets with sliding doors. These were the perfect solution for my office! I used 4 of the 29" wide x 22" deep cabinets with the optional plain sliding doors.

I use my two Cricut cutters with the 24" mats, daily. To allow me to use the longer mats the Cricuts needed to be pretty far from the wall. While redoing our master bedroom closet with PAX wardrobes, I realized the pull out tray for jewelry would be PERFECT for a Cricut! You could easily slide it out to use the Cricut, when you are finished, push it back in and close the door!

So- off to Ikea I went to order my new office storage! After 3 days of putting the cabinets together I was finally left with 4 massive cabinets with glaringly  white doors! The cabinets held all my crafty items with ease... but the stark white of the cabinets just didn't fulfill my inner craftiness desires for my office! So I started contemplating options. I could paint the doors, stencil the doors, cover the doors in fabric... then I ran into this mural of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and just KNEW this was meant to be! I ordered the largest size at 100" wide x144" tall for $99.99 at wall26.com.

The mural posed a problem that it came in 6 sections and the Eiffel Tower was spread between two of the panels. So to hang the mural I called on my amazing friend and the best photographer you could ever want, (www.meredithhodge.com) Meredith to help me install it! We decided to begin by hanging the first panel, then trying to line up the second.... the first two panels took a good 2 hours (maybe more) to hang. A few cuss words were spoken and i'm sure Meredith was wondering at this point why we are friends! Just so she knows, I could not have accomplished this without her help! So- thank you Meredith!

After applying the first two panels I finished the mural on the panels to the right side. I lined up the next panel to the one already installed and used the blue painters tape to tape it down the length of the door. This assures that the mural stays lined up to the previous panel.

Once it is securely taped from top to bottom i folded the panel back onto itself so I could gently pull back some of the backing from down the ENTIRE LENGTH of the piece of the mural. I gently smoothed the piece down, slowing working out the bubbles. I continued to pull back a few more inches then smooth from top to bottom or bottom to top. And just pulled/smoothed, pulled/smoothed, until the new panel was fully attached to the cabinet. Then repeated this process for the entire face of the cabinets!

And a few hours later, I was left with this beautiful scene of Pairs and the Eiffel Tower to look at every day in my office! I absolutely love it! And the best part- its not permanent... so when I decide to change my mind and redecorate my office in a year, I can just pull it off and do something else! ;)